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Starting A New Business


Before you go too far down the track,

it is always best to consult an Accountant to obtain some advice before starting.


Running your own business has so many opportunities for you to express your talents and skills, it will also be a learning experience with some obsticles to overcome, and we want to be there with you. It will be challenging, exciting, scary, frustrating and does come with risks, but if you do your homework and plan well, you will be able to better understand the business potential, and then make the right decisions.


We will help you with:

  • Initial advice and setting up the right business structure
  • Discuss your needs to start the business – Capital (Cash flow), Assets, Lending, Tax compliance etc
  • Arrange if you want – Finance,Business insurance and Legal advice
  • Be with you as you grow and we will assist you all the way.

We can further assist with – Bookkeeping – Payroll – Accounting – Tax legislation


We are happy to meet with you on a regular basis, and discuss the past few months, and where you are heading in the future, so you know your business better.


Starting a business on a strong foundation, will give you the best opportunities to be successful and realise your dream.


When you are ready to make the decision, we are ready to be with you along the journey.